Tom Doubtfire

Where do you make your work?
I currently make things mostly in my bedroom, working a lot with premiere pro as well as keeping up with other things like drawing and installations but on a relatively small scale.

How did you get into doing what you do?
In the sense of creating things, art has always been something I have enjoyed and began to see a real inherent value in. it wasn’t until going to university to study fine art that I was pushed by both friends and tutors to try and more critically consider what it is I am doing. I am really grateful to have this space and for all the people I met and continue to as a result of this experience.

More recently I have been involved with making music videos and have enjoyed doing more camera work, something I wasn’t comfortable with at all even when finishing the degree. I turned more to film as a result of no longer having a consistent studio or place to exhibit work and have found it an interesting way of translating ideas which doesn’t necessarily rely on having access to a large amount of space. The whole city becomes the studio and that is something I really love.

Why do you make your work / is there anything you’d like to say about yourself or you work?
I think the act of making even if this is purely for yourself and is a way of spending time is a really valuable way of allowing yourself to get lost in what you are doing and develop your thoughts, which can then be applied far wider than just the thing it was that you are making. Something that you hope to achieve with your art work might be more practically achieved using a completely different approach, but I’d say sitting down and making something is definitely a good way to begin. I hope that through creating and more generally what I do in my day to day life, I begin to speak of and for many different experiences of this world and over time this allows the changes that we want to see around us happen a little bit easier.

Where can people find more of your work?
I try and keep my Instagram and youtube updated with what I am making/ doing and regularly upload music videos on our Manteq page on youtube, although this is probably the most comprehensive log of what I’ve been up to the past few years so thank you for that!

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Image titles:
1. proposal for kitty’s launderette shutter 1
2. letter01.
3. letter02.
4. proposal for piss kitti’s album promotion
5. screenshot from hive with breakwave (jess)0
6. visit to croxteth park with tanssah
7. 1.
8. 2-croxtethpark
9. structure02
10. fossil_scan
11. wherepowerlesspeopleruletheworldtosharetheirstoriesandwisewords
12. screenshot from winter archives with bryn

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