Free Washing Scheme

Our free washing scheme is there for those in our community who maybe otherwise wouldn’t have access to a washer and/or dryer at home.

This scheme has been developed in partnership with other community organisations in our area to make sure that people are able to access our services with no cost.

With costs of living rising it is not just a choice between heating and eating but also weather you can afford other essentials such as your washing machine in your home. Recent findings from The Hygiene Bank’s 2022 report suggest that hygiene poverty affects 6% of adults across the UK.

This scheme can be accessed by anyone who wishes to use it and will cover Wash, Dry and Detergents or alternatively just washing or just drying. We also offer out vouchers to community organisations working locally who can then distribute to people accessing their spaces.

If you wish to know more about this scheme or wish to become a community partner please email