We’re a community launderette and social space on Grasmere Street in the Anfield/Everton area of Liverpool. We offer high-quality, affordable ecological laundry and dry cleaning services, as well as an accessible social space for people to gather, talk and learn.

Kitty’s Launderette is a social business and worker-community cooperative, run by a small team of Local residents, and guided by a wider community membership. Everything we do is to reinvested back into our community, helping to make more good things happen. You can find out more about our community-led structure here.

Anyone is welcome to sit in at Kitty’s to wait for your DIY washing, keep warm and connect with your community. We’ve got free Wi-Fi and complimentary hot drinks, so it’s a nice place to work, hang out and chat or even take a moment for yourself in a busy homelife.

You can also drop your laundry off to our lovely team for our Service Wash, Dry and Fold, Ironing or Eco Dry cleaning and pick up later on when its convenient for you.

We also offer competitive commercial laundry services to businesses and organisations across Liverpool City Region, you can find out more here.

Our launderette builds on a rich social history in our city and the important role of launderettes and washouses in our communities.

Our launderette is named in honour of Kitty Wilkinson, an Irish immigrant to Liverpool who is credited as the pioneer of the wash house movement in the UK. Kitty lived in Denison Street in the only home with a boiler, during a cholera outbreak in 1832, amidst fears of poor sanitation and ill health, Kitty invited her neighbours to wash their clothes and bedding in her house saving many lives. Ten years later with the help of public funds, her efforts resulted in the opening of a combined wash-house and public baths on Upper Frederick Street, the first in the UK.

We’re proud to continue the legacy of Kitty and the many other working class women who frequented the wash-houses of Liverpool with our launderette on Grasmere Street.