Stacey Crooks – Scentsational Waxes

Where in Liverpool do you make your work? 
I make the melts at home in Anfield. 

How did you get into making wax melts?
I kept seeing videos on tik tok of people making wax melts and I wanted to give it a go myself.  So I bought a starter kit to give it a try and I enjoyed making them. 

Why do you make them? (eg is it for pleasure/ a business/ both)
I started off making them for pleasure, as I was bored during the evenings after my little boy went to bed. After trying various things for me to do I finally found something I enjoyed and was good at. Im not very creative, so other arts & crafts i wasn’t good at. After a lot of research and testing I decided to turn it into a business. 

Where can people find more of your work? 
I am on Facebook, Instagram and tiktok as scentsational waxes and I also have a website where I sell my work 
Insta and FB: @scentsationalwaxes20

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