Sam’s Stitchery

Where in Liverpool do you make your work? 
I currently live in Tuebrook (L6). Everything is handmade in my own home at the moment!

How did you get into crochet and making keepsakes?
I started crocheting around 4 years ago, I was suffering terribly with anxiety, eventually hitting rock bottom not long after the birth of my youngest daughter and felt I needed something to keep my hands busy but my mind less busy at the same time. I’ve always been quite creative and I love browsing pinterest and the likes for inspiration or ideas in general and kept coming across crochet feeds along with recommendations for crafting to help with mental health problems – I got more interested the more crochet projects I saw so watched a few you tube videos, got a beginner’s kit consisting of some yarn, hooks and the basic notions needed then after a few attempts I had cracked it! I immediately threw myself in to making things as gifts for my family and friends and noticed I had learned and progressed pretty quickly, so I wanted to “up my game” and offer meaningful bespoke pieces. Things you might not usually associate with crochet also, taking inspiration from my husband and children who are all quite talented in their own artistic fields too. It’s taken a little while for me to grow confident enough to think outside of the box a bit but now I feel I can produce unique one of a kind items and decorations as well as beautiful handmade blankets and the “usual” crochet items too! However I’ve found the beauty of crafting and crochet in particular is that you can always learn something new and you can take it as far as your imagination allows!

Why do you make them? (eg is it for pleasure/ a business/ both)
Crochet has helped me immensely, it definitely gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. I enjoy making things so much and anything I do make is from the heart, every stitch is a pleasure and I am sure to take care during each process of making something special for someone! I did start out just making things as gifts for my loved ones on special occasions and also offering tokens of remembrance for a local charity but a few consistent voices of support have encouraged me to take it further and start selling items too. That being said I wouldn’t make anything I didn’t want to make and couldn’t put all of my love into.

Is there anything you’d like to say about yourself, or your work?  
I am never any good at talking about myself.. I am a happily married Mum of 4, just sharing my crafting journey with those who might be interested. But I do appreciate any love and support I receive for the work I do and the things I can make. I enjoy crafting and crochet so much that I’d like to make a living from it if possible and eventually have a workshop or “crafting hub” where I can offer my handmade items for sale as well as sharing opportunities for others to make things as part of their own recovery process or just for the sheer love of it too!

Where can people find more of your work?
(eg. are you on social media/ do you sell your work anywhere)

You can follow my journey on the following social platforms

I list any items available for sale on my Etsy Store
You can contact me with any enquiries or custom requests via email:
I am also hoping to sell in person and have my own stall at local craft markets soon!

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