Online Art Exhibition Call Out

Thank you so much for finding out more about the Art in Anfield and Everton online exhibition. As well as bringing positivity to the Kitty’s online community, we also want to provide a platform for you to share your work and stories.
We welcome submissions from all ages and all crafts and arts so spread the word to your Nan’s, Dad’s, sisters and mates.
If your work is selected you will have a day of social media stories dedicated to your work. Your work will also feature on the new Art of Anfield section of our website where you will have a page devoted to you and your work.

How to Apply

Simply email three pictures of your work to by Wednesday 24th March
Your images will need to be of a good quality/high resolution. Most modern smart phones should be fine.
Please ensure that your work is well lit and there aren’t distracting objects in the picture.  A plain background could be ideal unless you feel a background/ display/ arrangement of objects enhances your work.  
Please note that the Insta & FB exhibition is only running for a limited time and will be curated, so we might not be able to include everybody’s work.
Feel free or email or DM if you have any questions, or if you would like to send us a tester picture for feedback.

If selected

We’ll be in touch and ask you to send over any other images you’d like to show.
We will then call or email (whichever you prefer) with a few simple questions to find out more about you and your work. We’ll then start getting to work on creating your page of our website.
The exhibition will run for three weeks in March and April, though the website exhibition will stay up for longer.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.
We really can’t wait to see and share your creations – WHOOP!