Emily Lansley

Where do you make your work? 
Home is where I am most uninhibited and productive, where I can do what I want when the feeling arises with nothing getting in the way.  Studios are great when you need the space, or specific equipment, though I have tried numerous times to work amongst other people but felt self-conscious, unless I had worked out the content and compositions beforehand.  

So full privacy is essential for me to express ideas freely, especially in the initial stages.  Although I recently (ish) painted a mural outside the ‘Kazimier Garden’ which was great as so many people stopped to chat and watch which made me feel part of the broader community here in Liverpool.

How did you get into doing what you do? 
When I was a child my mum would take me to the Liverpool Polytechnic where she was studying fine art, give me a lump of clay, a pen, paint, whatever! and I would occupy myself for hours while she worked, pottering around visiting the students who were making all kinds of crazy art!  That was exciting, the idea of being in a wild, creative space with a mix of artists all working on ideas and creations, something I’ve maintained to this day through working in Stealing Sheep, though perhaps due to Covid in a slightly more reclusive manner!  

Why do you make your work?
Making work for me is an expression of something that I can’t convey in any other way, much like a dream, a personal need to see something tangible that sums up all the information absorbed every day, so maybe the message within is about that in itself, about our subconscious interferences, stresses, streams and desires needing to be processed and released. 

It’s also a very calming act for me where some sense of relief and satisfaction comes from discovering where the image goes and what meanings, thoughts or information arise, verbalising the more hidden parts of our psyches. 

It would be amazing if the work could in some way transport the viewer to another place or give them the feeling of something that they too cannot verbalise in that moment – with the hope of not sounding too pretentious!    

Is there anything you’d like to say about yourself, or your work? 
The work is a work in progress, like us all!  Hopefully people will get something out of it, even just a feeling of peace or humour for the few seconds they glance at it! 

Where can people find more of your work?
I am mostly on Instagram and ‘Prints n Tha’, a new online shop with me and a group of super talented local artists here in Liverpool.

Instagram: GloMoth

Thank you for listening ⚡

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