Dead Pigeon Gallery

Dead Pigeon Gallery is a roaming gallery, which brings contemporary art to communities and individuals who may not usually engage with art, through socially engaged practice. DPG presents exhibitions in unexpected places, often situated in working class communities, breaking down barriers of elitism and encouraging the ethos that art is for everyone. Led by Jayne Lawless, a multi media fine artist with a background in sculpture, working with Catherine Dalton and Josie Jenkins, DPG has delivered socially engaged exhibitions and events at unique venues across Merseyside, since 2017.
For this exhibition we are presenting our own work, to highlight our individual practices.  

Catherine Dalton – I am a  textile artist and designer. My work is predominantly on fabric, using a mixture of mediums, ranging from stitch to paint and print. My practice is often led by a need, a project that inspires me, or an invitation to take part in a wider project.

Josie Jenkins – I am interested in the innate human sense of order and our need to impose order on the world. I like making work that not only uses imagery depicting the order and disorder which is present in our constructed world, but which also employs the same interplay between order and disorder (or unity and variety) that we find so engaging in an artistic composition.

Jayne Lawless – My practice moves across multiple mediums, from nylon tights to galvanised steel, film and installation to printmaking and painting, each idea determining the materials and approach required. This multi disciplinary practice often results in a piece of new work becoming a ‘mission’ and involving many other people’s skills and expertise, creating a collaborative nature to the project.

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