Callum Hewitt

How did you get in to doing what you do?
I started as I loved Architecture and wanted to enhance my drawing skills in preparation for my university course. I could see clear improvement in my work and I started to develop a style, I started drawing everyday and really enjoyed it. I then managed to sell my work at the Barnyards Artisan Markets and since then I have further developed my style and started selling online.

Why do you make our work? 
I found a love in drawing and I also found it was a great way for me to relax and relieve stress. I also find the best way to analyse an architectural design is to draw it in detail. This way you can see how the building responds to natural sunlight by drawing shadows into the illustrations. You can also see the materiality of a building and why it has been chosen/ how it makes you feel.

Where can people find more of your work? 
(eg. are you on social media/ do you sell your work anywhere)
I sell on Etsy:
I also sell on Merseyside Makers:

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